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UA Vice Provost Brent White visits OUC (Aug. 2016)


On August 28, 2016, OUC Vice President Li Huajun met with the delegates from American University of Arizona, headed by Prof.Brent White, UA Vice Provost, and Prof.Katharine Barnes in charge of joint education program of law science, in the 3rd Meeting Room of Xingyuan Building.

Li welcomed Prof.Brent White and said that the joint education program has been very successful between the two schools and the 77 students enrolled this year are all well qualified. The strategic partnership and cooperative basis in law science will pave the way for more cooperation in the fields of information and business, in addition to the possibility of graduate education between two schools.

Prof.Brent White expressed his honor to revisit OUC, saying that the joint education program is increasingly popular with the students of law and has become a model for University of Arizona to follow in its overseas joint education programs. Prof.Brent White said that UA is known for the disciplines of optics, information, business and environmental science where great prospect lies for future cooperation with OUC. Both parties exchanged ideas on details of joint education programs and possible solutions to the relevant problems.